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Electropyrography 10

Mark Noll Designs

Electropyrography 10

$ 50.00

Sunset Electropyrograpy panel 5" x 9.5"  ready to hang wall art



The art of burning a design into wood using High Voltage Electricity.

I use a process that allows electricity to flow through the wood creating heat, which burns the wood. Each burn pattern is completely unique, essentially a combination of chance and experimentation.

This makes my artwork truly one-of-a-kind.


Lichtenberg figures (German Lichtenberg-Figuren) are branching electric discharges that sometimes appear on the surface or in the interior of insulating materials. Lichtenberg figures are often associated with the progressive deterioration of high voltage components and equipment. The study of planar Lichtenberg figures along insulating surfaces and 3D electrical trees within insulating materials often provides engineers with valuable insights for improving the long-term reliability of high voltage equipment. Lichtenberg figures are now known to occur on or within solids, liquids, and gases during electrical breakdown.



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